Diamond no Ace Fic Bookmarks Compendium

Kuramochi Youichi/Miyuki Kazuya

Bad Religion. by theweakestthing

Talking Bird. by the weakestthing

Flower Boy. by theweakestthing

Irresistable. by theweakestthing

Wring. by theweakestthing

Narumiya Mei/Miyuki Kazuya

all things by arsenicjay

Rise and Shine by splashfree

The Lines at First and Third by splashfree

Time-Out, Change-Up by splashfree

I'll See Your Heart and I'll Raise You Mine
by splashfree

Only the Best by splashfree

First Run by splashfree

Line and Sinker by Kaiosea

Promise You'll Be Kind by Kaiosea

Swallow Pride by Kaiosea

Seconds. by theweakestthing

U R WKD. by theweakestthing

The Trouble With Pitchers by thimble

Takigawa Chris Yuu/Miyuki Kazuya

Pieces by augusta_brie

They Call the Thing Rodeo by Lys ap Adin

Wheels Within Wheels by Lys ap Adin

Home to Roost by Lys ap Adin

Surfeit by Lys ap Adin

Cool, Clear Water by Branch

Tangled by Miaou Jones

High by Miaou Jones

Nothin' in There (But You) by Miaou Jones

Furuya Satoru/Sawamura Eijun

Furuya Satoru/Miyuki Kazuya

starlight by aozu

resistance by aozu

undisclosed desires by aozu

supermassive black hole by aozu

unintended by aozu

when life gives you lemons by aozu

Words by augusta_brie

Kominato Ryousuke/Kominato Haruichi

Condescension by tastewithouttalent

Incentive by tastewithouttalent

Preference by tastewithouttalent

Dirt by tastewithouttalent

Tradition by tastewithouttalent

Reward by tastewithouttalent

Adrift by tastewithouttalent

Excuses by tastewithouttalent

Responsive by tastewithouttalent

Stall by tastewithouttalent

Umemiya Seiichi/Matsubara Nao

intuition by nicepeaches

2016.02.07(Sun) - 混沌羹


Fandom: Daiya no A/Ace of Diamond

One True Pairing: On any given day it's a coin toss between Furuya/Miyuki and Kuramochi/Miyuki.
I'm Rooting For This In Canon: Furuya/Sawamura DOUBLE ACE mothafuckas. Them as a ship would be sweet, too.
If This Happens I Will Stab My Eyes Out With A Spork: I just can't. Take. Any. More. Yakushi. Matches.
You Are Sick: Ochiai/Furuya.
I Dabble A Little: Itsuki/Mei, Umemiya/Nao.
It’s Like A Car Freight Train Crash: Hongou/Furuya aka the SouHaru of Hokkaido.
Tickles My Fancy But Not Sold Yet: Hmm...maybe Kanemaru/Toujou would fit here? I mean I definitely like Toujou enough to want him to have what he wants, and if that's Kanemaru, sure, they're both good lads and can probably have a more mature relationship than some of their upperclassmen will ever manage.
Makes No Sense, But Why Not? Koushuu/Miyuki, Koushuu/Sawamura, Koushuu/Furuya, Koushuu/Toujou...I have way too many designs for this child already, and he hasn't even been in 5 frames yet.
Everyone Else Loves It But I Just Don’t Feel It: Miyuki/Sawamura. Like...I can think of 1 or 2 things that might be appealing about this ship, but they're really nothing I can't find in greater abundance in Mei/Miyuki. Shrugs.
I Just Don’t Get It: Kuramochi/Ryousuke. I just dunno. The fact that I vastly prefer them shipped with other characters certainly doesn't help, but even without those ships I doubt I would've gone for this one. Same goes for Kuramochi/Haruichi.
I Could Care Less: Tetsuya/Jun. Also Sanada/Raichi.
Ship You Wish There Were More Fics For: All my ships, all of them.
Guilty Pleasure: Haruichi/Ryousuke omfg. To elaborate would be sin.
Ships You've Tried to Convince Others of: Tetsuya/Takako. I'm also surprised that people manage to pay zero attention to Miyuki/Shunshin despite all that blatant canon flirting on Miyuki's part.
Ships I Shipped (However Briefly) Because of Good Fic: Kawakami/Haruno, Maezono/Haruichi
The Ship Is Sunk (Or Will Never Sail) In Canon, But I Still Like It: I can't get into Chris/Miyuki as a romantic ship as they stand now, but I have a feeling that I would have liked it had they maintained the sort of rivalry pre-Chris' injury.
Favourite Ship After My OTP(s): Mei/Miyuki. On a good day, with a good fic of this pairing, oh...(shudders) I would just bask in it and not ask for anything else.

2015.09.10(Thu) - 混沌羹

Fic bkm


降御 1 2 3
仓御 1 2 3
鸣御 1 2 3 4 5

2015.07.04(Sat) - 混沌羹


- Free! 二季+小说续集: 基本上是不能抱怨的因为最想要的结局得到啦,想到他们的未来就开心。但闷气的点也一言难尽。最大的点莫过于动画从原作巴巴地拉出山崎宗介,搞半天只打算用他来往死里卖那一个cp。小说质量好多了,可惜大约是没有第三本的样子。
- DRRR数本:13卷是年头出的,对临也的结局处理相当满意…但SH是真蛇足。漫画版换人相当令我伤心。TV马上又要开搞所以现在一想到它就挡不住睡得好好地被掘坟的感觉。
- 看了点小排球
- 看了点世界一初恋
- 看了点Moomin(…)
- K和Fafner都算到明年吧
- 今年新看的:Breaking Bad,The Wire, Elementary,True Detectives, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Fargo
- 继续看的:Mad Men,Masters of Sex
- 看了点没往下看的:Queer as Folk, Mistresses, Devious Maids,
- 终于看了星战系列
- 终于看了点叉男
- 看了Clueless和Mean Girls。都蛮好看,特别是Clueless…
- 看了无数纪录片。David Attenborough基本看了全套,老爷子萌得。空中浩劫基本看了全套。

2014.12.21(Sun) - 混沌羹

High Speed!2 thoughts

Finished it half an hour ago and thought I'd scribble something down


2014.11.10(Mon) - 混沌羹